Divorces and custody cases are very sensitive matters that require an attention to detail about the history involved in each client’s particular case.

When children are involved in a divorce case, our number one priority is helping the client reach a resolution that is in the best interest of the child or children.

We understand the stress of dealing with a family law case, and do our best to educate our clients about the process and expectations to reduce some of the anxiety that comes with family law cases.

Attorney Jesus R. Lopez is experienced in dealing with complex property division issues such as retirement, dividing property, stocks, bonds, IRAs, etc.

Whether is a child support issue, CPS case, divorce, adoption, or custody issue, we stand by ready to assist you.


Typical Case Process:

A petition is filed asking the court for whatever remedy the plaintiff is seeking, whether that be a divorce with division of property, a modification of a prior order, or an enforcement issue.

The opposing party is then served with the petition. A process server will hand the opposing party a copy of the petition.

After the party is served, a complete picture of what will be presented at trial is obtained through discovery. Discovery is a formal legal process by which documents and other evidence are requested.

Mediation often results in the best outcome for family law cases. Mediation is a process by which an independent third party helps bring about a resolution to the case by agreement. The mediator listens to both sides and offers solutions to both parties to see if a compromise can be reached. If an agreement is reached, a binding mediated settlement agreement is signed.

Whenever cases cannot be resolved by agreement, the case will then go to trial by a judge or jury. The judge will listen to all of the evidence and make a decision about the best interest of the children or what is fair and equitable to both parties.