Being charged with a crime can have serious permanent consequences for your record. Having knowledgable experienced legal representation that is familiar with the local rules is of upmost importance in handling a criminal case.

Attorney Jesus R. Lopez has handled all types of criminal cases in Seguin, Texas, from misdemeanors to serious felony charges.

Our office has established a reputation for vigorously defending the constitutional rights of our clients.

Though it is certainly common and indeed understandable for those accused of crimes to feel as though they have little chance of prevailing, several things must always be kept in mind. Prosecutors are duty bound to prove commission of a crime beyond reasonable doubt, and they must establish that each and every element of an offense to that same degree of proof.

It is often the case that evidence utilized for that very purpose was illegally obtained by law enforcement in violation of the defendant’s rights, and it will, therefore subject to challenge by a zealous Seguin criminal attorney.

Initial arrests themselves may be similarly vulnerable on constitutional grounds, and it is the responsibility of a Texas criminal defense attorney to attack the state’s arguments at each turn with the goal of mitigating or eliminating the negative effects on the accused.

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of having to defend against one or more criminal charges in Texas, do not allow yourself to give in to feelings of doubt and resignation. Now is the time to seek the vigorous legal defense you deserve. To learn how a Seguin criminal lawyer can get to work on your behalf, contact us today.